Vicki L. Hunter, PhD, CH

“All the mystical knowledge in the world means nothing if we don’t have the skills to help improve ourselves and our lives. If we can accept that we are spiritual beings in a human form, we don’t need to learn how to be spiritual. We already know it. Rather, we’re remembering how to behave spiritually and become better human beings.”

Vicki L. Hunter

Excerpt from

Life Defense Training 1,

How to Spiritually Recalibrate and Navigate a Crazy World

Welcome to my website.

It’s always a privilege to share with people as we navigate through our human experience.  

I began my spiritually inquisitive journey at a very young age, grabbing every book I could--from the occult to religions. I was naturally able to intuitively read for people that also had me meet some extraordinary individuals. Namely, I was able to apprentice under a renowned reader named Magda for three years, before her passing in 1979. She taught me the old gypsy ways for “reading” and “being with people,” divining anything from tea cups to tarot. Around that time, I earned a Hypnosis Certification under the direction of Frank Appleyard, one of the founders of the Institute of Hypnosis (1960‘s) in Canada.

While working as a professional writer in the media, I continued doing readings and segued into spiritual counseling and intuitive life coaching. Eventually, a devotion to the study of metaphysics anchored me into independent writing projects and while working with people one on one.

I love what I do, always learning and sharing with others what I have gleaned throughout the years.